• Tech丝路 简介

    Tech Silu Introduction

    Tech丝路是一家国际协会,专注于最高机构层级和多个投资市场的运营,用于部署欧洲和亚洲创业生态系统之间的协同效应。 Tech丝路由跨界交流创新理念、颠覆性创业公司、杰出人才和投资基金组成,旨在为新一代企业家和投资者创造可持续和统一的技术平台。

    Tech Silu is an International Association which operates at the highest institutional levels and on several investment markets for deploying synergies between European and Asian startup ecosystem. Aiming to foster a sustainable and unified technological platform for a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors, Tech Silu is accomplished through a cross-border interchange of innovative ideas, disruptive startups, incredible talents and investment funds.


    Our coordinated initiatives enable European StartUps to ensure sustainability and scale-up: Tech Silu catalyse global opportunities for a unified success.


    Please click the link to learn more information about Tech Silu, http://techsilu.com.

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