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    功夫国际孵化器与 CDTI(西班牙国家工业技术发展署)开展在中国的战略合作。 西班牙创新机构 CDTI 隶属于西班牙经济部,是负责研究与发展领域合作的最主要的机构。 CDTI 已经拥有40年的合作经验,与超过10,000家西班牙公司开展了研发项目方面的合作。 此次与功夫的合作目的,是吸引有意在欧洲(西班牙)寻找技术合作伙伴的中国公司。

    Kungfu Startups cooperates with CDTI in China. Spanish Innovation Agency CDTI is under the Ministry of Economy of Spain and it is considered the most relevant partner in R&D. It has developed R&D projects with more than 10,000 Spanish companies through 40 years of experience. This cooperation was established to attract Chinese entities interested in finding technology partners in Europe (Spain).

    如您有意向寻求相关合作机会,请点击下载申请表格,填写后发送给 anna@kfstartups.com.

    To seek the cooperation opportunities, please download and fill the application file. Send it to anna@kfstartups.com.

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